KC Home Buyer Program

Welcome to the future of home buying

We will help you navigate the path to homeownership and save thousdands on closing day.

  • Have up to 10% of your rent payments applied toward your house purchase
    (Even without your landlord's acceptance)

  • Receive cash incentives to apply toward your house purchase

  • Easy set-up of your housing goals

  • Open up a free high yield FDIC insured Home Buying Savings Account

  • Receive and save Homebuyer Gift Donations

  • Easily build your mortgage credit

  • Track your TRUE mortgage score.

  • Get your answers to home buying with our comprehensive homebuyer education

  • Quickly apply for home buyer grants

  • Easy one-stop home buyer experience

Over $8M

in rewards earned buying a home.

Over $140M

saved towards their home-buying goal.

Over $2B

in home purchases.

No Cost to Get Started!

What is the cost?

It is part of our pledge to give back at Berkshire Hathaway.

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Track and Improve Your Mortgage FICO Credit Score

FREE Homebuyer Education and Support

Set-up a FREE High-Yield Savings Account

Easily Set-up an Account for Gift Funds

Our Database of FREE Homebuyer Assistance Programs

We will search our database of homebuyer assistance programs to find the best option for you!

Real Estate Lifestyle and Planning Guide

Our Lifestyle and Planning Guide will help you determine your needs and wants ; as well as, start your home buying search.

We will also show you how to apply up to 10% of YOUR current rent toward the purchase of the home YOU choose. You will own it with no Landlord. You reap all of the tax benefits.

What does it cost to get started? It is "Free"

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Who Should Look Into This Home Buyer Program

  • First Time Homebuyers

  • Homebuyers needing help in improving their credit scores

  • Homebuyers needing help with closing cost

  • Homebuyers needing help with a down payment

  • Homebuyers looking to obtain the lowest interest rate

  • Homebuyers looking to save on their home purchase

Our Info

Why are we doing this? It is our way of giving back to the community. It is the Berkshire Hathaway model.